My name Julie. I’m a student from Vancouver, BC, Canada. I started blogging back in grade 9 or 10…This is my blog that I’ve been running under the name of “Hungry and Fervent” since the start of my undergraduate studies – predominantly focusing on lifestyle and art. I have always been passionate about fine arts and human sciences. I guess you can call my undergrad a “pre-med” experience as I have been preparing to apply to medical school. I was recently accepted in the UBC medical school – so, yes!! Your girl is going to be a doctor!

“Nostalgic MD” is going to document my experiences in med school, as well as sharing snippets of my everyday life (e.g. arts! food! photography!) and my pre-med journey. I hope I can make my grandma, my parents, family, and friends proud. Stay tuned! 👩🏻‍⚕️🩺

Some facts about me:

1) I was born in Shanghai (photo is me posing very chic at the Shanghai zoo). My family moved to Vancouver when I was 6, and I moved to Kingston for my undergrad.

2) I completely my undergrad at Queen’s University with a focus in neurosciences. Recently, I was accepted into UBC’s medical school! I am also a nostalgic person – hence, “Nostalgic MD”!

3) I love coffee. And I also love doughnuts! Please don’t spell them as “donuts”. That is so wrong. One could say I have a palate of a stereotypical TV cop.

4) I had extensive training in fine arts back in high school. All the images and graphics on this website are made by yours truly 😉