Caffeinated: Day 4

I had coffee today at a local cafe/grocery store. It was good but to be honest nothing life-changing. I was short on time today, so today’s drawing is a little more “rustic”. Yes, the pencil lines are left in intentionally. There is absolutely no other reason. I also didn’t realize how hard it would be to draw ripped up paper – I’m definitely going to practice more in the future!

A small tangent/rant: why does non-dairy milk or lactose free milk always have to cost extra? I understand that it is more expensive for the stores to carry these milk substitutes, but it really sucks for people who can’t have dairy and are forced to pay more. Like myself. I was trying to be more frugal (as much as one can be while getting coffee everyday for a week), so I got my coffee black to-go, and I went home to add my own oat milk 😭

See you tomorrow for more C8H10N4O2 (chemical formula for caffeine molecules) ☕️