Year in reflection

The new year is around the corner, and I assume most of us are anticipating it’s beginning with greater hope and optimism. A reflection of 2020, for me, entails a bittersweet recollection. Whilst this year did not go according to plans, nor did I expect such turn of events, I think I made the best of the situation, along with my family and friends. In fact, some of my favourite memories might come from this past year.

To recap my year, I spent a lot of time with my mom and dad going on hikes and supporting local restuarants/cafes by ordering takeout. We truly had some amazing food memories this past year. One of my fondest memory is having outdoors picnics after ordering seafood pizzas from Steveston Pizza Co. (any of their Castle pies are delicious!). Other honourable food moments include doughnuts from Mello, poke bowls from Pokerrito, and biscuit brunches from Chewie’s Chicken & Biscuit. I also loved taking strolls around Vancouver (while adhering to regulations and when it is allowed) and discovering new things about the city I grew up in. My mom and I frequented Mount Pleasant to discover all the hidden gems from the Vancouver Mural Festival. Another huge part of my 2020 was volunteering at a rabbit shelter. With the insidious presence of COVID, I could not continue to volunteer at the hospital or with community members. Diverging my time to the rabbit shelter in lieu of my pre-COVID commitments (which have been halted by the pandemic) has helped my mental health immensely. Over time working at the shelter, I also rediscovered my pure and utter love for bunnies. Perhaps because I see many similarities between myself and these friendly, reserved fluff balls.

I wanted to comment on the challenges that the pandemic has imposed upon our relationships with friends, family, and other people we love. 2020 has truly tested our abilities to maintaining long-distance relationships. I am beyond lucky to have such supportive friends and people who continuously show their love through countless hours spent over Zoom meetings, phone calls, and other creative and safe sources of communication. (One highlight being sent flowers 🥰). These people have made my 2020 brighter and brought me so much joy, and I am forever grateful ❤️

I am incredibly thankful for the safety and health of my friends and family. If I ever need motivation to get through another day, week, or month of quarantine, I think about these people, as well as the people in my community. If you ever need the same motivation, think about the people you care about the most. I encourage everyone to stay home as much as possible and to adhere to your local regulations (for the Ontario peeps, here is the provincial lockdown guidelines and restrictions). We are all in this together! And together we can make 2021 a better, brighter year ✨