This is a quick little doodle I did over the summer.


This summer was the time of many first’s, like my first full-time job and my first time paying rent. I was incredibly lucky to have a job with a boss who trusted and valued me so much. I also learned how hard it is to earn money and how easy it is to spend. If I look many years ahead, there’s also this ugly thing waiting for me called: STUDENT DEBT.

Whoever you are and wherever you are, we all have different relationships with money. And no one can quite understand what another person is going through.


1 thought on “$$$”

  1. Quite true. It is difficult for anyone to really understand other’s experiences.
    But the words “Student debt” strike me. I’d read about it in the news, it is a different thing
    to hear about it from someone. (I was lucky to repay my own debt in but a few years, but that was
    another century)
    All I can say is: Han on. You will make it.

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